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“My 9 year old son has been riding with the amazing horses, staff and volunteers at Strongwater Farm for over two years on a weekly basis, and we are immensely pleased with his progress.  He has a chromosome deletion, apraxia, scoliosis and cerebral palsy and within weeks of riding he began walking with a steadier gait and swinging both arms while running (previously he tucked in his right arm).  We have seen steady coordination, speaking advancements, and his confidence has improved.  He follows directions well and is now comfortable enough with the horses to touch them. He has bonded with the horses, truly loves the staff, and I’m a very grateful mom!”


“I started riding at Strongwater Farm in 2008.  Patti, the Director, asked if I’d like to be part of the volunteer team.  Every time I volunteer I always get a nice greeting from everyone who is already there.  When I volunteer I help out with the barn chores which includes cleaning the stalls and checking the water buckets.  I also volunteer in a couple of riding lessons as a leader or a side walker.  One of my favorite parts is when I get to do my riding lesson every Tuesday morning with Ellie Behrstock.  My lessons are always fun to do even when it’s raining or snowing.  This past winter I was able to both write and draw a project on war horses and everyone is more than welcome to have a look, it shows some of the horses that have a bit of history in warfare and what I believe are ideal models of such horses.  Lately when I ride I’ve been on Luka, a grey Percheron/Thoroughbred mare.  I have learned how to maintain my balance and how to get Luka where I want to go.  I have ridden in shows at Strongwater Farm and at the Special Olympics, I’ve won medals, and have made lots of friends both human and equine.  I always look forward to going to Strongwater Farm.”

“Finding an enjoyable activity for your child who has a disability can be a challenge.  Nothing is more painful for a parent than to watch their child struggle with activities their typical peers take for granted.  Our experience at Strongwater Farm has been wonderful.  Our son who couldn’t tolerate touching a horse or who jumped every time the horse made a noise, has become a boy who loves horses. We decided to give horse back riding a try when a friend shared it could help strengthen our son’s core and improve his balance. Horse back riding has given our son so much more. He has become confident.  He has developed a sense of accomplishment and pride after winning two gold medals in the Special Olympics.  It has helped tremendously with his anxiety.  He becomes so calm and relaxed after his riding lesson.  We have never seen any other activity he participates in to have such a transforming effect on him. The staff at Strong Water are very understanding.  They are experienced and believe in our children with disabilities.  A child who is believed in is a child who will go far.  We have seen the positive changes in our son.  We are so grateful to all who have worked with him at Strongwater.”


“I asked Elizabeth what she thinks about Strongwater Farm.  Her response was, “It’s  amazing and I am an amazing rider!”  Personally, I think Strongwater is heaven on earth.  I so look forward to Elizabeth’s lessons.  Sue is fantastic with Elizabeth and all of the volunteers are angels.  Not only is Strongwater therapeutic for Elizabeth, it’s therapeutic for me too!  I enjoy watching Elizabeth’s lessons, listening to the birds chirping, seeing a red tailed hawk high on a tree watching over us,  and connecting with other parents.  Strongwater holds a very special place in our hearts.”


“We approached Strongwater last year for my daughter who had an extreme fear of falling after suffering an injury years ago.  At that time, my daughter was timid and lacked confidence which affected her every day life.  We had searched years to find a program which was the right fit for her circumstances.  The staff at Strongwater welcomed her into their program, and were incredibly flexible in gearing lessons at a slow and patient pace.  One year later, I now watch my daughter eagerly mount a horse without hesitation, experience the thrill of trail rides, and shed her fears each time she is in the presence of the horses.  Through kindness, patience, trust, and gentle pushes, Strongwater has succeeded in turning this little girl’s life around.  We are thankful every single day that we found Patti and the staff at Strongwater.”